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5 essential steps when someone dies in Spain
essential funeral steps


When a loved one dies it is often a distressing and confusing time. However, when they die abroad, with a different language and customs, it can make an already difficult situation harder.

In addition, Spanish funerals normally take place within 48 hours of a death, giving loved ones very little time to get everything together when the time comes.
That is why it is essential to have a pre-paid funeral plan from Golden Leaves in place, which will mean that with just one phone call to them when someone dies, their expert team will take over ensuring that your wishes are carried out in full and sparing your loved ones the distress of trying to organise everything for you.
However, what is the process to follow when someone dies in Spain?
Here, Golden Leaves sets out the five essential steps to follow when someone dies in Spain, from who needs to be called to how Spanish funerals work.

1. Who to call

If a person dies in hospital in Spain, officials there will issue a death certificate and you will only need to call your funeral plan providers who will arrange everything else to do with the death and funeral.
If you don’t have a funeral plan, you will need to call a funeral parlour who will arrange to remove the body and begin planning the funeral with you.
If someone dies at home, then the first step is to call the police in Spain on 112 and an officer will be sent to you.
A doctor will also need to be called to come and issue a death certificate. The police can normally do this for you.
Finally, a funeral parlour will need to be contacted to remove the body and begin planning the funeral. If you have a pre-paid funeral plan in place, they will get in touch with the funeral parlour for you and take over every stage of organising the funeral.

2. Contact pre-paid funeral plan providers

When a loved one dies, now is the time to contact their pre-paid funeral plan providers, who will deal with everything else to do with their death and funeral and be able to advise on any other concerns you have.
Golden Leaves offer this service in English and are on hand to help with anything else you might need.

3. Registering the death

The hospital or doctor will issue a death certificate, known as a CMD in Spain, which must be used to register the person’s death at the Civil Registry Office.
This must be done at the at the Civil Registry Office in the municipality where the death took place within 24 hours after the death.
Registering the death will normally be responsibility of the funeral home organising the funeral, but family are also able to attend.

4. Organising the funeral

After the death has been registered, a funeral can then take place.
Funerals in Spain normally take place within 48 hours of a death, leaving very little time to plan and organise a service, or even get in touch with family members from abroad.
A Golden Leaves pre-paid funeral plan will make sure your wishes are set out ahead of time, allowing them to be carried out in full when the times comes, and ensuring that everything is organised for you by an expert team rather than being left to your family to deal with.
Golden Leaves can deal with everything from holding an eco-friendly funeral to organising flower arrangements.

5. Dealing with wills, pensions, and banks

After a loved one dies, there may be other tasks to consider, including dividing any assets as set out in a will and any procedures to obtain a widow’s pension.
You may also need to deal with your banks to transfer funds or change names on accounts, and change the names on any assets.
Golden Leaves’ expert team can help put you in contact with their partners who can assist with legal matters, including creating a legal Spanish will to ensure that your assets go where you want when the time comes.
Their team will also be able to help you find the right pre-paid funeral plan for you. So contact them today to begin choosing your funeral plan.


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