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Burial or cremation: How to choose
burial or cremation


When planning your funeral one of the most important things to decide is whether you want to be buried or cremated.

Planning ahead and letting your wishes be known in your pre-paid funeral plan will both ensure that the service you want is carried out in full when the time comes and prevent your family from having to make the difficult decision for you.
But how do you know whether you want to be buried or cremated?
Golden Leaves has put together this guide to help you choose what option is right for you.

The differences between burial and cremation

But first, it is important to set out the differences between burial and cremation.
Cremation involves burning a body to ashes in a matter of hours, while burial sees a body buried more than a metre below the ground and decompose over many years.

Why some people choose cremation

Choosing whether to be buried or cremated is often a very personal decision, but some people choose to be cremated due to their cultural or religious beliefs.
Others may to choose to be cremated because it is often less expensive than a burial, since the body does not need to be embalmed before cremation. Savings can also be made because the plot size needed for the remains is smaller.
Space is another reason why many people choose to be cremated, perhaps because of environmental concerns over an increasing lack of burial space. Those concerned about the environmental impact of their funeral can read Golden Leaves’ guide to holding an eco-friendly funeral.
Others choose cremation because it offers more options over your remains.
Options include everything from where you are scattered, including the country and location, to even having your ashes turned into jewellery.

Why some people choose burial

Many people prefer to choose a burial instead, however, with some considering them a more traditional option. In Spanish funeral customs, burial has been the more traditional choice, however cremation is becoming increasingly popular.
Another reason some choose a burial is because it allows you a larger plot for your family and friends to come and visit.
Meanwhile others choose burial for religious reasons.
One of the main reasons for opting for a burial, however, is because it often allows the deceased to be buried alongside their loved ones, whether on a family plot of by reserving a plot next to your loved one ahead of time.

Whether you choose a burial or cremation, Golden Leaves is on hand to help you through every step of the process.
Their range of pre-paid funeral plans allows to ensure your wishes are carried out in full when the time comes, saving your family the distress of deciding for you and the expense of paying for your funeral.
Contact Golden Leaves today and their expert team will help you find the right pre-paid funeral for you.


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