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Funeral repatriation from Spain to the UK: The essential guide
funeral repatriation


Repatriating a body back to the UK is possible, but without an insurance plan in place it can be both a complicated and often expensive process, costing anything from €2,000 to tens of thousands of Euros.

If you think you may want to be repatriated to the UK for your burial or cremation, saving your loved ones the distress and expense of the process of repatriating your body is one of the most important reasons to have a pre-paid funeral plan in place.
Golden Leaves International offer a full repatriation service in their Golden Plan, meaning that their experts will sort out everything, from preparing the body for international travel to helping to organise your service in the UK.
But what is the process in Spain to repatriate a body?
Here, Golden Leaves sets out all the steps involved in transporting a body back to the UK from Spain, as well as answering some of the most commons questions about it.

What is repatriation?

Funeral repatriation is the process of transporting the body or ashes of the deceased from one country to another.
Repatriation is most common in either the case of those who had died abroad while on holiday, or those who moved to another country but wish to have their remains brought back to the UK after they die.

Why repatriate a body?

There are many reasons to repatriate a body- including making it easier to hold a service for UK friends and family- but many people choose to be repatriated because they have an emotional connection to the UK and wish their remains to be placed there.

What does repatriation involve?

Arranging for a body to be repatriated from Spain to the UK involves obtaining the necessary documents and ensuring the body is prepared in line with international laws.
The steps involved include:

  • Notifying the authorities in Spain and registering the death
  • Obtaining an English translation of the death certificate
  • Providing the passport of the deceased to the company handling the repatriation
  • Obtaining an authorisation form to transport the body abroad
  • Working with a funeral director in Spain to handle the body
  • Embalming the body and providing an embalming certificate
  • Contacting the airline to arrange for the body to be transported
  • Working with a UK funeral director to arrange for the body to be collected in the UK and the service

How long does it take?

Repatriating a body from Spain to the UK normally takes between five and seven days. However, if the deceased was involved in an accident, or a coroner’s inquest is required, the process can take several months.

How much does repatriation to the UK cost?

The average price of repatriating a body is around €4,142, however with a Golden Leaves Golden Plan, all your essential costs will be covered, ensuring your family are left with no extra expenses when the time comes.

Can I be repatriated from any country?

If you die while on holiday in another country to your normal country of resident, with Golden Leaves you will have the option to choose a plan that will cover many of the costs of preparing the body and dealing with the necessary legalities.
Their experts can advise your dependents how to use the plan’s funds to contribute towards the cost of a local funeral or the cost of repatriation back to your country of Residence.

Can ashes be repatriated?

Repatriating ashes is one of the less expensive ways to repatriate a loved one, and they can either be transported by a professional company or brought on a flight with you in a suitable container.
You will also need to a death certificate and certificate of cremation.

In conclusion

Repatriating a body from Spain to the UK can be a difficult process when in a different language and another country. But Golden Leaves can handle everything involved, taking the stress from your loved ones and ensuring they do not have any added expenses.
Contact Golden Leaves today to choose your pre-paid plan and begin planning your funeral to ensure your wishes are carried out in full when the time comes.


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