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Funeral song choices for every type of service


Funerals are traditionally a sombre affair, but many people want theirs to also include a bit of their own personality, whether it is through their choice of flowers, the dress code they specify guests follow, or their songs choice.

In fact, many people know years in advance what songs they want to be played at funerals, making sure it is a reflection of who they are.
So when it comes to planning your funeral, your song choices are important. But what are the most popular choices? And do they vary depending on who the service is for?
Here Golden Leaves takes a look at the most popular funeral song choices for different types of service and different family members to help you plan the perfect service.

Funeral songs for every type of service

These are songs which are popular whatever the type of service. Classics which have been chosen many times for their meaning and tone, from more contemporary choices to older songs.

  • My Way- Frank Sinatra
  • The Best- Tina Turner
  • Eva Cassidy- Over the Rainbow
  • Angels- Robbie Williams
  • Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
  • You’ll Never Walk Alone- Gerry and the Pacemakers

Uplifting funeral songs

Not everyone wants funerals to be a sad affair, many would like theirs to be a celebration of life instead. So here are some of the most popular uplifting songs funerals.

  • What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life- Stevie Wonder
  • Over the Rainbow- Judy Garland
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough- Marvin Gaye

Funeral songs for Mum

These songs are often chosen to mark the life of a mother at a funeral service, chosen for their sentiment.

  • You’re My Best Friend- Queen
  • Mama- Il Divo
  • Goodbye’s the Saddest Word- Celine Dion
  • In the Arms of an Angel- Sarah McLachlan
  • If Heaven was Needing a Hero- Jo Dee Messina

Funeral songs for Dad

Similarly, there are several songs which are often chosen at funerals for fathers for their meaning.

  • In the Living Years- Mike & the Mechanics
  • My Father’s Eyes- Eric Clapton
  • Dance with my Father- Luther Vandross
  • Thank You for Being Dad- Jon Barker
  • The Dance- Garth Brooks

Funeral songs for Grandma

When it comes to funerals for grandmothers, many people wish to choose particularly sentimental songs, or ones belonging to an older generation.

  • Smile – Nat King Cole
  • Amazing Grace – John Newton
  • Sentimental Journey- Doris Day
  • Grandma’s Hands – Bill Withers

Funeral songs for Grandfathers

Similarly, for funerals for grandfathers, many people wish to choose songs from a previous generation, which may have been enjoyed during their lifetime.

  • Heaven Was Needing a Hero – Jo Dee Messina
  • Life Without You- Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Grandpa – Justin Moore
  • Smile – Nat King Cole

In conclusion

Whichever songs you choose, when it comes to picking your pre-paid funeral plan in Spain you can turn to Golden Leaves International.
The company has been offering expert funeral advice for more than 30 years and will help you with everything from choosing the right pre-paid plan for you to creating a new will in Spain so your wishes are carried out as you want.
Contact Golden Leaves today to speak to their expert team who will guide you through planning your perfect service and ensuring that your loved ones having nothing to pay when the time comes.


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