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The Golden Leaves Blog

Helpful articles from our experts to help you plan your funeral.

funeral attire

What to wear to a funeral

Attending a funeral can be a sensitive time. From deciding whether to bring flowers to writing the condolence card, there are a number of issues to consider.

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Funeral Plans

How to hold a Funeral on a Budget

Planning a funeral can be expensive, with everything from buying funeral flowers to paying for the venue to budget for.

But if you want to cut down on costs, how do you hold a funeral on a budget?

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Funeral Plans

Holding a Muslim funeral

Many expats have concerns about how to plan their funeral when living abroad.
But when it comes to a religious service, the process can be even more difficult, from knowing where to hold it to who should conduct it.

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How to create a will

For expats living in Spain, creating a will is essential to ensure that your wishes are carried out in full when the time comes and that your loved ones are not left with a lengthy and expensive legal succession process.

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Funeral Plans

The 10 reasons to get a pre-paid funeral plan

Whether you are someone who likes to have all of their paperwork in order or prefer not to get involved with red tape, pre-paying for a funeral plan is an essential part of ensuring that your loved ones are not left with further costs when the time comes.

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Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves is there for you

The expert team at Golden Leaves is there for you when you need them, helping with everything from finding the right funeral plan for you to planning your service and assisting your loved ones when the time comes.

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