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Helpful articles from our experts to help you plan your funeral.

Golden Leaves

The history of Golden Leaves

Funeral plan providers Golden Leaves have been helping expats with their funerals in Spain for years, ensuring that your loved ones are not left to plan your funeral in a different country and another language.

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The 10 most unusual funeral requests

Planning a funeral involves thinking about all sorts of details, from the flowers to the music and the type of service you want.
However, some people go one step further and decide to go beyond the average funeral planning details to organise something unique.

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Funerals in Spain

How to hold an eco-friendly funeral

With more people becoming aware of the impact of human beings on the environment, many are choosing to be more eco-friendly both in life and in death; and environmentally-friendly funerals are becoming increasingly popular.
But with the average cremation using around 100 litres of fuel, many now want their own funeral to leave a minimal impact on the environment, and now wondering how way to hold an eco-friendly funeral.

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Funerals in Spain

Funeral song choices for every type of service

Funerals are traditionally a sombre affair, but many people want theirs to also include a bit of their own personality, whether it is through their choice of flowers, the dress code they specify guests follow, or their songs choice.

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Funerals in Spain

Why it’s essential to pre-pay for your funeral

With rising funeral costs and the difficulties of organising a funeral in a different country and another language, it has never been more important to pre-pay for your funeral plan to save your loved ones the financial burden and distress of paying for your funeral at an already difficult time.
Beyond that, buying a pre-paid funeral plan also ensures that the services you stipulate will be met in full, meaning your wishes will be carried out just as you wanted.

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