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The expert team at Golden Leaves is there for you when you need them, helping with everything from finding the right funeral plan for you to planning your service and assisting your loved ones when the time comes.

Their expert team has years of experience handling expat funerals in Spain and knows how to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your family are not left with further costs.
They also know that there are numerous considerations to factor in, including logistics, food and drink, casket purchase and burial grounds. A loved one’s death brings immense emotional strain to any family, and the question of financing and arrangements only exacerbates the stress.
Having to tackle all this while abroad is also an enormous burden and Golden Leaves aims to support grieving families through the process.
Its international division offers expat prepaid funeral plans in Spain which enables you to plan, design and pay for your funeral services in advance.
Pre-planning and pre-paying at today’s prices ensures that your preferences are closely followed and respected, and the funeral fees stipulated in your plan are guaranteed to be paid, no matter how much prices may rise in the future.
Most importantly, you can take comfort knowing that your family is spared the emotional and financial burden of organising and financing your funeral.
Their expert team is on hand to help you through every stage, from their different funeral plans to making sure you have the funeral you want.
Their team will also help your loved ones when the time comes, sorting out everything for them and ensuring your service is carried out.
For more information, contact Golden Leaves’ expert team to plan your funeral.


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