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How to ask for funeral donations


Planning a funeral can be a difficult task with many decisions to make, including what type of service to hold, which music to have and where to scatter ashes.

However, one of the most important tasks, especially for those who want to hold an eco-friendly funeral, is whether to ask for charity donations instead of flowers.
Here, Golden Leaves sets out how to ensure that any funds raised at your funeral will go towards the charity you choose.

Choose your charity

The first thing to do is to choose which charity or different charities you would like any donations to go to.
This could be a charity in Spain or in the UK, or even one in another part in the world.
You could pick an organisation that helps children, communities or even animals, or a small charity that works in the community where you live or an international one.

Choose your pre-paid funeral plan

Choosing which charities you would like funds to go to is one of the most important reasons to make sure you have a pre-paid funeral plan.
Setting out your wishes, including whether you would like funeral guests to make donations to charity, will ensure that your service is carried out as you planned, and also saves your loved ones from having to make the decisions for you.
The experts at Golden Leaves can help you find the right funeral plan for you, as well as help you plan your service, including whether you would like donations to be given to charity.

Let people know you want charity donations

Once you have chosen the charity you want donations to go to and set out your wishes in a pre-paid funeral plan, you can ensure that your plans are carried out.
For those organising the service, it is now time to request that guests give donations to charity.
Requests for donations can be put into funeral invitations or by personally contacting guests ahead of the service.
Most people ask for donations to be given instead of flowers, allowing guests to choose how much money they want to give.
You can do this by giving information about the charity and including their bank account or payment details.
Or at the service, you could also have a collection box for your chosen charity, allowing people to donate in person.

Golden Leaves experts are on hand to help with planning your funeral, from whether you want a religious service to holding an eco-friendly funeral, and will make sure your wishes are carried out in full when the time comes, including setting out which charity you want donations to be given to.

Contact Golden Leaves today to begin choosing the right pre-paid funeral plan for you and make sure your loved ones are not to plan your funeral in a different country and another language or left with any further costs for your service.


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