The Golden Leaves
for Spain

Our OPAL PLAN for Expats in Spain

This plan is designed for those who just want a simple cremation service.
The Opal Plan provides a simple funeral service that covers the essential items, including transportation of the deceased within the mainland and dual cover. This plan is suitable for single people, couples, or small family units. This funeral can be completed within 72 hours.

How Much Will It Cost?

Single Payment:


For all payment plans min deposit of €150.00 is followed by:

12 Monthly Payments:

€291.67 p/m

24 Monthly Payments:

€151.67 p/m

36 Monthly Payments:

€105.16 p/m

48 Monthly Payments:

€82.02 p/m

60 Monthly Payments:

€68.24 p/m

Please Note:

This illustration is based on an initial deposit of €150, but amounts can be adjusted to suit your budget with a minimum requirement of €150.

For all instalment payments, there will be an Instalment Management Charge of 4% per annum, except for the first 12 months

If you wish to make a purchase in Sterling please call 800 098 309

What’s included?

  • Administration of the Plan
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • The funeral director’s services
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the mortuary within Spain
  • Advice on certification and registration
  • 3 day’s mortuary expense
    Preparation and care of the deceased
  • The supply of a veneered coffin
  • Provision of a hearse to the local crematorium
  • Provision of necessary staff
  • Cremation fee and doctor’s certificate
  • Supply of an Urn
  • Certificate to allow ashes to be taken on board an aircraft
  • Death Certificate translated to English