The Golden Leaves
for Spain

Our PEARL PLAN for Expats in Spain

This plan is designed for those who would like a traditional funeral service for cremation or burial.

The Pearl Plan provides a comprehensive funeral service. Offering all the services available within the Opal plan, with the added benefit of a floral tribute, a service of your choice and additional care and preparation of the deceased, the Pearl Plan can give you a funeral similar in content to what you would expect in the UK.

This plan also allows five days for family participation, especially if based in a different country, making it a more suitable option for couples and families.

How Much Will It Cost?

Single Payment:


For all payment plans min deposit of €150.00 is followed by:

12 Monthly Payments:

€325.00 p/m

24 Monthly Payments:

€169.00 p/m

36 Monthly Payments:

€117.17 p/m

48 Monthly Payments:

€91.40 p/m

60 Monthly Payments:

€76.04 p/m

Please Note:

This illustration is based on an initial deposit of €150, but amounts can be adjusted to suit your budget with a minimum requirement of €150.

For all instalment payments, there will be an Instalment Management Charge of 4% per annum, except for the first 12 months

If you wish to make a purchase in Sterling please call 800 098 309

What’s included?

  • Administration of the plan
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • Provision of funeral director’s services
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the mortuary within Spain
  • Advice on certification and registration
  • 5 days mortuary expense and time to pay last respects
  • Normal hygienic treatment (if required) and care of the deceased
  • The supply of a quality coffin suitable for cremation or burial
  • Robe and fittings as required
  • Provision of a hearse to the local crematorium or cemetery
  • Provision of necessary staff to attend the service
  • Accompanying flowers provided- terms apply
  • Religious service, priest and staff attendance
  • Cremation fee and doctor’s certificate
  • Provision of a quality urn
  • Cremation certificate to allow ashes to be taken aboard aircraft
  • Death Certificate translated to English