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The 10 reasons to get a pre-paid funeral plan


Whether you are someone who likes to have all of their paperwork in order or prefer not to get involved with red tape, pre-paying for a funeral plan is an essential part of ensuring that your loved ones are not left with further costs when the time comes.

But why else is it so important to have a pre-paid funeral plan?
Here, Golden Leaves looks at the 10 reasons to make sure you have a funeral plan in place.

1. Beating rising funeral costs

Golden Leaves plans ensure that your funeral is paid in full, regardless of how much funeral costs rise in future.
Your funeral payments will be kept in the Golden Leaves trust which independently manages the funds to achieve stable long-term growth, specifically to cover the increasing cost of funeral services.

2. Ensuring that you are covered if you die abroad

Beyond offering dual cover for both Spain and the UK, Golden Leaves funeral plans will also offer coverage if you die abroad on holiday.
If your travel insurance does not cover repatriation Golden Leaves can advise your dependents how to use the plan’s funds to contribute towards the cost of a local funeral or the cost of repatriation back to your country of residence.

3. Saving your loved ones from paying

Funerals can be expensive and a pre-paid Golden Leaves funeral plan ensures that your family are not left with any further costs when the time comes.

4. Cutting through the red tape

Organising a funeral in Spain is not always simple and Golden Leaves can cut through the considerable red tape involved.
When you die, your loved ones will be able to call their expert team who will take care of all the organisation for them, from contacting the funeral home to ensuring your service is carried out as you planned.

5. Ensuring loved ones do not have to deal with the planning

Setting out ahead of time what you want from your service ensures that your loved ones do not have to make the decisions for you while also trying to sort out the legalities involved with organising a funeral in Spain.

6. Making sure you get the service you want

Planning your wishes also makes sure that you have the service you want when the time comes.

7. Allowing loved ones time to travel from abroad

Funerals in Spain normally take place within 48 hours, however Golden Leaves’ plans can offer your loved ones up to five days before the service, allowing them time to travel from abroad to attend your funeral.

8. Having an English-speaking company to organise everything

The English-speaking experts at Golden Leaves will take care of every part of organising your funeral, ensuring that your loved ones do not have to deal with your service in another language.

9. Handling special requests

Golden Leaves are experts in organising funerals and are able to help you plan any special requests you may have, including holding an eco-friendly funeral or where to scatter your ashes.

10. Covering you in both the UK and Spain

As well as being covered in Spain, by providing additional information, your arrangements will be set up in the UK too. This will not incur any additional administrative charges.
Get in touch with Golden Leaves today and their expert team will help you find the right pre-paid funeral plan for you so that your wishes are carried out when the times comes and your loved ones do not have to tackle further costs or planning your service.


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