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What to wear to a funeral
funeral attire


Attending a funeral can be a sensitive time. From deciding whether to bring flowers to writing the condolence card, there are a number of issues to consider.

But knowing what to wear to a funeral can be one of the biggest issues, with many concerned about the dress code.

With some people preferring guests to dress in traditional black and others wishing guests to dress in bright colours as a celebration of life, it can be difficult to know what you are expected to wear when you attend a funeral service in Spain.

Here, Golden Leaves has set out a guide to what to wear to a funeral.

Funeral dress code

First, it is important to look at the details if you have received an email or written invitation as the host may have a specific dress code they would like guests to wear. You can also ask a close family member of the deceased if there is a specific dress code.

Black clothing is the traditional colour at funerals but most dark colours will also be appropriate.

At European funerals, the dress code is normally formal and includes a dark suit, dress or skirt, as well as shirt, formal jacket and black shoes.

Funeral dress code for men

At funerals, men normally are expected to wear:

  • A black or dark suit
  • White shirt with a collar
  • Plain black tie
  • Black shoes

Funeral dress code for women

Women’s dress code at funerals normally includes:

  • A knee length skirt or dress
  • Plain shirt
  • Cardigan or blazer
  • Smart shoes
  • Dark clothing

While dark colours are now a common alternative to wearing black at a funeral, it is still best to avoid wearing any casual clothes or too much jewellery.

Funeral dress code for children

Children should also wear formal clothes to a funeral, including wearing dark colours.

Other funeral dress codes

While in Europe it is most traditional to wear black to a funeral, in other cultures there are other traditional forms of funeral dress code.

In Cambodia, the family of the deceased wear white, meanwhile even in western culture white is an acceptable colour at funerals as it signifies purity.

In South Africa, red has become the colour of mourning following the bloodshed seen during the Apartheid.

Across the world now, many people who hold non-religious or traditional funerals may ask guests to wear bright colours to honour the life of the deceased.

This allows guests to wear any colours they want, but clothes will generally still be formal.

Planning a funeral can be a difficult time, with plenty to organise, from choosing the music to picking where to hold the service.

Pre-planning your funeral with a funeral plan from Golden Leaves sets out your wishes ahead of time, ensuring that you have the funeral you wanted and your loved ones do not have to organise everything.

To find the right pre-paid funeral plan for you, contact Golden Leaves now who will help you organise your funeral.


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