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Why it’s essential to pre-pay for your funeral


With rising funeral costs and the difficulties of organising a funeral in a different country and another language, it has never been more important to pre-pay for your funeral plan to save your loved ones the financial burden and distress of paying for your funeral at an already difficult time. Beyond that, buying a pre-paid funeral plan also ensures that the services you stipulate will be met in full, meaning your wishes will be carried out just as you wanted.

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

Payable in a lump sum or over time, a pre-paid funeral plan is way of ensuring that when the time comes your family will not be left with the expenses of your funeral, and that your funeral service will take place as you set out.
Golden Leaves International knows how difficult it can be for those left behind and offers several pre-paid funeral plans, allowing you to choose the exact arrangements you want and taking the financial burden from your loved ones.
Once you have chosen one, you can even add extras to tailor it to your needs, for example by paying a small extra charge for a coffin or urn or your choice.
When you purchase a funeral plan with Golden Leaves, you will you get the funeral you want, and when the time comes your family will not have to pay any further expenses, no matter how much funeral costs rise.
Click here for a full list of Golden Leaves’ funeral plans and everything they include.

How can I pay for my pre-paid funeral plan?

At Golden Leaves you can choose to pay for your funeral plan in one lump sum, or over the course of one to five years.
If you pass away before you have finished paying your chosen instalment term, your next of kin will be responsible for the balance payment. Regardless, Golden Leaves will always collect the deceased and take care of them.
Golden Leaves also offers a 12-month, interest-free period, there will be an instalment management charge of 4% annually thereafter.
Payments can be made in Pounds or Euros and Golden Leaves accepts, credit and debit cards, bank transfers.

Can I cancel my pre-paid funeral plan?

With Golden Leaves, if you need to cancel the plan you will receive a refund minus 20 per cent of the plan purchase price.
If you decide to donate your body for medical research, there is a 100 per cent refund.
If you decide to pay the balance in full at any time, there is no penalty for doing so and you will not have to pay all the interest because the balance will be recalculated at the date of payment.
Golden Leaves will not ask you for medical check-ups or health details and there are no age limitations, the prices are set whatever age you are.

What support will I receive with my pre-paid funeral plan?

With their 24-hour helpline, Golden Leaves will help your loved ones with organising a funeral in a foreign country at a difficult time.

In conclusion

Funeral costs are rising and it is more important than ever to prevent your loved ones from being left with an expensive funeral bill when the time comes.
That is why Golden Leaves offers several pre-paid funeral plans to ensure that your funeral costs will be met in full.
Golden Leaves are one of the leading providers of expat pre-paid funeral plans in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and the Canary Islands and offer funeral plans covering everything from a cremation to a repatriation service back to the UK.
To begin choosing the right pre-paid plan for you, contact Golden Leaves’ expert team today who will talk you through every step.


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